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Prom Packages Information

Prom is one of the most special days of your high school career and we will fulfill every students' and parents' expectation. Our prom night limousine specialists can help make your evening the most memorable time of your life. All of Metropolitan Limousines' Prom Packages include upgraded complimentary non-alcoholic bar refreshments. Each vehicle comes fully stocked with sparkling cider, soda, water and ice for no additional charge.

High school prom has turned into more of a group affair than a one-on-one date between two teens. Limousines afford them to gather together at one's house and leave at the same time -- and arrive home at the same time. The group of friends is usually together for the entire evening -- and everyone knows there is safety in numbers. There is always someone else doing the driving -- so even if you do get tired by the end of the night, your limo driver will know how to get you home safely.

All Premium Metropolitan Limousines Prom Packages include:
  • Interior Decorations*
  • Non-Smoking Limousines
  • Complimentary Bottles of Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cider
  • Complimentary Refreshments (bottled sodas and water) & Ice
  • Complimentary Candles
  • Prompt, courteous and Tuxedo dressed chauffeurs
  • Multi-colored Fiber Optic Starlit Ceilings
  • Touch Screen Stereos with Apple® iPod/iPhone Connection
    (requires USB charging cable to be supplied by the client)
  • Ice cold A/C units
  • Reliable, well-maintained vehicles
Fairness to the consumer is our motto. We are all experiencing tough economic times and this requires us to adjust our rates to make them more affordable for the consumer while exceeding the pristine services our customers continue to love and expect. We recommend that you make an appointment to come out to see our vehicles before making a final decision.

Ways on how to use the limousine for your prom rental

Ideas for time spent while using the limousine can be to either cruise around a little bit, go out for dinner / ice cream, go bowling, go to the beach (before closing at dusk), etc. We allow for a maximum of 2 pick-ups to gather the party initially and a maximum of 2 drop-offs at the end of the event so that the parents can feel at ease if we were to drop-off all the young women at one location and the young men at a different location depending on how you arrange your contract. The drop-off time and pick-up time to / from the formal should be discussed so that there is no confusion at the end of the night time used throughout the night.

Depending on your package choice, parents may use the vehicle while their kids are in the prom. Parents can go out to dinner or even just take a memorable joy ride around town.

Why pay more than you need to?

Cash, coin, dough, moolah, bread, cheddar, stacks — no matter what you call it, money matters. Think about the feeling you get when you open up your birthday card from Grandma and find a crisp $50 bill. What’s going through your mind? Probably the many things you can buy with your new gift. No matter how much money you, your parents or even the government has, we all have one thing in common: we must decide the best way to spend it. That’s called managing your money.

Prom Promise Pledge Program

Teen driver car crashes remain the leading cause of permanent injury and fatalities in youth. We are pleased therefore that you have chosen to use Metropolitan Limousines for your special occasion. After all, a special occasion should be remembered for a wonderful time only. For all the other days of the year, parents should consider safe driving agreements such as the I Promise Program - The following agreement is to help promote a safer special occasion for youth, parents, and the limousine service, when chauffeuring young persons only:

Teen passengers, parents, and Metropolitan Limousines agree to the following:
  1. No alcohol or other intoxicants or cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are allowed in the limousine.
  2. All packages (satchels, purses, backpacks) are subject to inspection by the appointed chauffeur and go in the front next to the driver.
  3. Since refreshments will be provided, passengers will not be able to bring in their own drinks upon first entering the vehicle.
  4. The privacy screen remains open at all times to allow supervision by the chauffeur in case of emergency.
  5. The chauffeur will phone the parents if alcohol or drugs are detected.
  6. Each parent of a teen passenger must provide a phone or cell-phone contact number in case of violation of emergency.
  7. Only teens registered as passengers are allowed transportation in the limousine. (You cannot add more people after the dance.)
  8. Any unusual spill, soiling or damage to the vehicle(s) caused by the passengers will be charged to the person(s) booking the vehicle.
  9. Failure to comply with this contract will result in immediate termination of the service and will NOT be subject to any refunds.
  10. Signatures, by both parent and passenger, indicate the contract will be accepted.


For Primary Service Area Schools:

We offer one-time split-time packages. One-time Split-time is a phrase limousine companies use that allows the party to stop the clock once for a period of time while in the dance and then to start it again after the dance ends. The most common is a four-hour split.

For example, say on any specific day, the formal starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 12:00 AM and the party has contracted for a 4-hour split. Say the party's initial pick-up time is 5:00 PM and they want to get to the prom when it starts and leave after it ends. The party will get dropped off at prom at 7:00 PM and then get picked back up at 12:00 AM and have their limousine until 2:00 AM.

So that's 2 hours before and 2 hours after. For a 4-hour split, the amount of time with the limousine before the prom plus the amount of limousine time after the prom must be less than or equal to 4. If it were a 5-hour split, the amount of time with the limousine before the prom plus the amount of limousine time after the prom would be less than or equal to 5.

Minimum 1 hour before the event, minimum 1 hour after the event. Clients may stay up to 5 hours in their formal event. Limousine time must end by 2:00 AM.

Note for parents: The limousine will not be in use by any other clients while the students are in their respective dance formals.

For Outer Service Area School Formals:

We have two hourly packages available for Prom & Graduations. The limo is yours for the desired time, with no other bookings in between, typically 6 or 8 hours. This is the ideal package, as the limo is yours for the night. Go to dinner, cruise a little before and after, leave the prom early if you choose, its all up to you.

Most proms in the region last 3-4 hours and typically the students will attend the entirety of the prom. If they rent either the 6-hour or the 8-hour package, they will have the vehicle for up to that time limit from start to finish depending on pick-up / drop-off location(s) and how you setup your contract.

  Click to view our Proms & Formals Terms and Conditions here

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